CEWiT Student Alliance Groups

CEWiT Student Alliance groups nurture the growing diversity in our organization by providing "micro" communities where affiliates can network and build technology awareness and skills in focused areas of common interest. They provide a place of engagement that provides professional development and social fun. Active Student Alliance Groups identify and address affiliate interests, issues and concerns. Ideally, Student Alliance groups will allow students to create programs and activities to further their common interests and can include such things as info sessions, career information speakers, how-to workshops, competitions, outreach, targeted/focused events. Affiliates range from highly experienced to no knowledge at all but interested in learning. Affiliates can be comprised of students from all majors and levels, as well as faculty, staff and CEWiT alumnae affiliates.

CEWiT currently sponsors seven Student Alliance Groups:

Additionally, a new Student Alliance Group for "Entrepreneurs and Technlogy" will be launched during the 2018-19 academic year.

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