Tia Donaldson

School of Informatics and Computing

 Tia Donaldson is a junior studying informatics with a cognate in biology. She began attending CEWiT events last year and now works as an intern for Black Women in Technology (B-WiT), a special interest group of CEWiT’s that is dedicated to the promotion of academic and career advancement among Black and minority women in all fields, particularly those pertaining to science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM.

“CEWiT offers so many great opportunities so it would not have been wise for me to not join,” says Donaldson. “I have also met so many great women doing some great things and now I am an intern for the organization.”

Donaldson’s pursuit towards a technology-based career started with her mother, who encouraged her to explore the field, as well as health, when she entered college.

“And so I did,” recalls Donaldson. “When I took my first informatics course I really liked it and saw myself being able to advance and continue this is the future.”

Now, Donaldson has immersed herself in the world of tech.

“My major is basically technology,” says Donaldson. “Everything I do, everything I am learning, has to do with technology. My particular cognate has to do with making medical technology better and thinking of innovative ways to improve what is already here and what we can create.”

Clearly, Donaldson finds technology vital in today’s world. So, understanding it as much as possible is imperative to being successful. Being a member of CEWiT is just one way Donaldson is trying to do that.

“I think CEWiT is important because it’s breaking down barriers,” says Donaldson. “It brings a variety of things such as workshops, training, community and more importantly, encouragement, for women trying to progress in all things STEM.”

To all the women pursuing a career in STEM, Donaldson says to “do it! Be the best you can be and let nothing hold you back.”

Donaldson has certainly followed her own advice. Although she remains quite busy with classes, homework and work, she likes to always be on the go. When she isn’t working with CEWiT, she likes to participate in the Black Student Union, for which she is the historical. She also attends Women of Color Leadership meetings.