Rebecca Bersani

Elementary Education

Rebecca Bersani says she strives to gain experience, skills and knowledge of how technology works. As a junior, Bersani is a CEWiT Student Ambassador and an Elementary Education major. With her major, Bersani also has a license in Computer Education.
Her reason for being involved in CEWiT is simple; helping get women involved science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. “I feel [it is] important it was for all people – especially women – to dive into STEM-based careers.”

Bersani has also taken other courses that have helped her understand that technology can be applied to a multitude of fields. “[Pursuing a career in STEM] has always been something portrayed as ‘pursue it if you’re good at it/if you like it’” She said. However, Bersani’s classroom experience taught her otherwise. “Technology can and will be a vital aspect in all career paths, and it can be an extremely empowering factor for women in whatever career they choose.”

Bersani says her favorite part of working for CEWiT is all the positivity the organization gives. “They meet you where you’re at, support you in where you want to go, and then even offer so many more options so that you feel fully empowered,” she said.

Bersani said she was never initially attracted to technology, but found out how marketable it could be. “I was so naïve! I had been told by my advisor that a Computer Education license addition was not commonly picked but [it’s] so marketable.

After college, Bersani hopes to be teaching during the majority of her time and move into administration in the future. “I also would love to see where my side job as a Beachbody Coach could take me because that works a lot with helping people with personal development, working on their happiness, and letting health and fitness be a tool in that process. “

Bersani’s advice to anyone trying to integrate into a tech field is to realize that technology can be beneficial no matter what you plan to do with your career. “I wish people knew how much it can really and thoroughly transform any career field, even if you don’t have a specific career in mind, just knowledge of programs will benefit you.”