Welcome, New CEWiT Student Affiliates!

Technology needs you. It needs your ideas, your brain, and your unique worldview to help create the world of tomorrow—and to make sure our future is one that makes sense for women and men.

But now that you've connected to CEWiT, you don’t have to do it alone. 

New Affiliate Goals

To get the most out of your CEWiT affiliation, we recommend that within the first month, you:

  1. Create a Technology Experience Portfolio - a place to store a collection of all technology related experiences you have here at IU, including your skills, courses, workshops, events, internships, etc… Examples of places to store your tech experiences include an IU box folder, a spreadsheet, an e-portfolio, a web page, a word document.
  2. RSVP and attend an upcoming event.
  3. Read our New Affiliate Page on the CEWiT website.
  4. Read a post on CEWiT's Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram pages and like or share them.
  5. Visit the house.
  6. Encourage a friend to connect to CEWiT.

Additional Ways to Get Involved

  1. Enroll in an IU Introductory Tech Class.
  2. Apply for the Emerging Scholars Research Experiences for Undergraduate Women (REU) for first and second year students in early fall.
  3. Get involved with a Special Interest Group:
    • Black Women in Tech (B-WiT)
    • 3D Printing
    • Game Design
    • Graduate Women in Tech (G-WiT)
    • Social Media
    • Web Design
    • Women Who Code
  4. Take an Accelerated Crash Course (Scrum, MYSQL, Tableau, Cybersecurity, 3DPrinting, Python, etc.) and earn an eBadge for your Technology Experience Portfolio.
  5. Register for annual CEWiT Summit in the spring.
  6. Sign up for Mentor Collective at CEWiT.
  7. Experience the CEWiT Job Shadow Program.
  8. Apply for an internship with CEWiT.
  9. Attend a CEWiT Open House.
  10. Participate in our Research Poster Competition
  11. Visit us at a tabling event around campus
  12. Read our e-newsletter, delivered to your mailbox once a month during the fall and spring semesters.
  13. Participate in our Empowerment Series.
  14. Earn a CEWiT eBadge.
  15. Explore the CEWiT Website.

Additional Activities to build your Technology Experience Portfolio

  • Attend a tech-related lecture.
  • Research how tech relates to your major.
  • Take a noncredit UITS class.
  • Take note of the amount of technology used in your classes.
  • Enroll in an IU tech class.
  • Create a LinkedIn profile.
  • Attend a LinkedIn, resume, or critical skills workshop at IU.
  • Create an e-portfolio.
  • Create a personal website.
  • Attend a tech conference.
  • Attend The Grace Hopper Celebration.
  • Intern/extern at a tech company or in a tech related position.
  • Teach a technical skill to others (college students, k-12, seniors).
  • Volunteer at a technical event.
  • Explore the Maker Cart/Maker Spaces on campus.
  • Connect with ServeIT and apply your skills in a real-world setting while helping a local non-profit.