3D Printing

CEWiT promotes a culture of technology skill development through a variety of formats including the understanding, design, creation, and use of 3D printers. Through the process of 3D printing, one can create a 3 dimensional object by laying down successive layers of material based on a computer driven design. The 3D Printing Special Interest Group (SIG) provides workshops for students, faculty, and staff that introduce the concepts behind 3D printing and describes the design process, use of modeling software, and actual printing of the designed objects.

Recently, 3D printing interns Joey Huang and Tina Liu created the following video that provides a primer on 3D printing.

Joey and Tina are available to present this material to to any class, club, meeting, group, etc. IU Bloomington. To schedule this presentation, email CEWiT.

picture of SIG 3D Printing Logo

3D Printing SIG Intern Team