CEWiT Ambassadors

The IU Center of Excellence for Women in Technology (CEWiT) believes that technology is the catalyst to excellence in every field and women are integral to the impact that technology has on the world. We seek to encourage students to explore technology and to empower women to use technology to benefit their educational and career goals.

 The CEWiT Ambassador program, a paid leadership opportunity, seeks energetic and engaging undergraduate leaders who have a love for technology and would like to share their enthusiasm with other students, particularly first and second year women at IU. The mission of this group is to help spark an interest in technology, share the benefits of having technical skills, and raise awareness of CEWiT, our programs, and our resources. Ambassador team affiliates work together to:

  • Conduct presentations and hands-on workshops (training provided)
  • Schedule and staff tabling events on campus and in residence halls
  • Attend campus information events and distribute CEWiT swag
  • Visit Intro to Technology classes and sorority meetings to share CEWiT mission and how to get involved
  • Plan and host fun events for 1st and 2nd year women students
  • Raise awareness of CEWiT and drive affiliation

If you would like more information about becoming a CEWiT Ambassador, please contact Michelle Bartley-Taylor.

Current CEWiT Ambassadors:
agrima agarwal Agrima Agarwal, Senior
I am studying Business Analytics and Operations Management at the Kelley School of Business, IU. My interest in technology developed from a very young age. However, my interest in data analytics first developed when I read an article about how Apple used data to predict the number of iPhones that will sell at different locations and stock accordingly. I am currently working on a big data analytics project related to music - something I'm very passionate about.

Being a part of CEWIT has given me the resources and encouragement to follow my technology career path. I feel empowered by talking and working with fellow women in technology everyday.
Feranmi Balogun Feranmi Balogun, Sophomore

Hi! I am a sophomore studying Psychology with a minor in French and a Pre-dental concentration

sammy dude Sammy Dube, Senior
When I began freshman year, I was determined to pursue Business, but I discovered a few months into the first semester that I wasn’t too sure that it was what I wanted to do. As a person who has to know what’’s going, I decided to pursue Informatics just because I needed to find something. I wasn’t completely sure what it was, but I am glad that I tried it out because it has opened up a new world for me. I am sure that I want to have as many technological skills as I possibly can in order to conquer the changing world and to lead the way for more women to do the same.
anna-heine Anna Heine, Junior
I started off at Indiana University very unsure of what I wanted to do as a major. However, when I took P150, "How Things Work," I was hooked. Since then, I changed my major to Informatics and have gotten involved in CEWiT, research, and furthering my tech skills. With this knowledge, I hope to spread the word of CEWiT's message to others and inspire young women.

Kara Osburn, Senior 
I got involved in CEWiT through the CEWiT REUW program, I almost did not even look into the program at first because I did not see myself as "techie" and did not think they would have research to suit my areas of interest. However, after looking over the different opportunities I saw that there were quite a few different research opportunities that were suited to my biochemistry major. I am still working in my research lab and CEWiT has showed me how I use technology in everyday life and in my research position.

slagle-victoria Victoria Slagle, Junior 
I am a Junior Pre-Med Biology and Neuroscience double major with minors in chemistry, medical sciences, and psychology. It is my dream to one day be a physician, hopefully in an emergency room... but who knows? specialties can change. I am not particularly well versed in technology, but I am a woman trying to make my way in a field that has a history of being unkind to women. This is definitely something that needs to change. I hope to encourage all women to go after the careers that their hearts desire and not what societal norms tell them they should desire.
aish thamba Aish Thamba, Senior
My father showed me the stars at night using mathematical symbols and equations. I didn't quite get it; I was 5. He taught me to understand how a cell can mean a box in Excel and what we are all made of - even the stars. I grew up asking why and how the stars can be related to cells - and how we all fit and work together. Tech helped me answer some of the questions; but more importantly: how to discover new methods of answering and questioning. That's what tech means to me.
emily wattimena Theodora (Emily) Wattimena, Junior

I'm a Junior pursuing a B.S. in Informatics with minors in Psychology and Human-centered Computing.  My interest lies in understanding the interaction and creation of technologies that play a role in people’s lives. To me, technology is exciting, powerful and is applicable to almost all fields out there; whether it’s health, education, music... the list goes on. As a CEWiT ambassador I look forward  to share, raise awareness and encourage more women to explore and take advantage of the many exciting tech-related opportunities CEWiT has to offer.