Myriam Young

Web Developer

Myriam Young is the webmaster at IU Northwest.

Young says that what she loves most about her job is that when her team is developing a website, she is exposed to new topics, gets to meet new people and has the opportunity to try new technologies. "Additionally," she says, "I get to help others to accomplish what they have in mind. There is always something to learn and discover. Web technology is ever changing; it is always interesting." She adds, "I have worked for four educational institutions in the role of webmaster, but I am most proud of my appointment as the webmaster for Indiana University Northwest."

When studying graphic arts as a student, Young started working in a technology lab at her university in Mexico. She says the lab encouraged innovation and embraced learning new technologies for design. "The internet was just starting, so I got to work with other students on different projects, including interactive CD-ROMs (remember those?), primitive web pages, eye-tracking technology, and virtual reality. I remember spending long, but enjoyable nights with other students browsing and experiencing the early stages of the Internet. It was fascinating!" she says.

Being able to exercise her creativity while exploring new technologies is why Young says she finds IT appealing. "Another attractive aspect is that the IT community is committed to professional growth," she says. "Since IT professionals are continuously learning, they are good at helping each other solve problems."

Young advises, "Attitude goes a long way; remain positive and be good to yourself and to others. Working in IT is a place where you can have fun exploring new technologies while being creative. Always be curious, ask questions and share what you learn with other people. Get involved in the IT community.  A good start is to join an IT organization of your choice where you can meet people, ask questions, help others and share knowledge."

When she's not building websites, Young likes traveling with her family, hiking, cooking, reading interesting articles and listening to audio books.