Carol Wood

Executive Director Information Technology at Indiana University Northwest

Carol Wood, Executive Director of Information Technology and Director of Technical Services for IU Northwest, works with the campus CIO and UITS staff to support Indiana University’s strategic plan for IT: Empowering People. Wood directs the delivery of IU NW’s IT services, creates and develops business processes and directs operations to provide effective and optimal services for faculty, staff and students. As director of technical services, Wood provides direction and oversight of programming, systems administration and IT support for the NW campus.  

As part of the NW technical services unit, Wood developed a program for UITS NW Support Center to hire students to manage the frontline support. Her endeavor offers students leadership experience and prepares them for careers in IT.

“My goal is to ensure each student who works on one of my teams has a positive learning experience and is well-positioned to graduate and enter the IT job market,” stated Wood.

After obtaining a doctorate’s degree in physical chemistry, Wood worked in research positions at the Aerospace Corporation, United States Air Force Space Division and Yale University. Wood’s work at Yale University comprised of many hours utilizing computers to analyze data. Due to the unpredictability and extensiveness of research hours, eventually Wood needed a job with regular hours and she naturally gravitated towards IT.

As a natural problem solver, Wood enjoys the wide variety of issues she faces every day.

“I like learning about a problem, researching solutions and then following through with the customer to apply the solution,” explained Wood. “I love that I work for an award winning organization that has available deep levels of expert support, and opportunities to work on a wide variety of projects.”

Professionally, Wood is most proud of her part in developing UITS NW Support Center. She applied her leadership skills to implement an effective and well-respected campus IT support center. More recently, Wood helped establish “Communities of Practice” across the IU regional campuses UITS teams.

Outside of IT, Wood enjoys gardening and photography. She finds herself fortunate to be a resident of the Indiana Dunes area, where one can simply point a camera and catch a gorgeous shot of nature.