Angela Velez-Solic

Associate Director at the Center for Innovation and Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Angela Velez-Solic, associate director at the Center for Innovation & Scholarship of Teaching and Learning on IU’s Northwest Campus, knew she would be a teacher all her life. “I really thought I would be a K-12 teacher, but realized in my 2nd semester of student teaching that I wasn’t the best fit,” said Valez-Solic. “I started teaching college courses at 23 years old and it felt right – like I was supposed to be doing it.”

It was in the years following that Velez-Solic realized how many college faculty members had never actually been taught how to teach. “I realized I could make a big difference if I helped others learn how to teach,” she said. “So that’s what I’ve been doing.”

Velez-Solic says she uses a wide range of technology in her everyday work, and is constantly trying out new ones. “If I come across a new technology, I will usually take time to investigate it and try it,” she said. “If I like it, and it’s free, I will add it to my large file of ‘bells and whistles’ technologies.”

Her biggest piece of advice for someone entering a STEM field today is to get a mentor and attend conferences. “Meet people outside of your institution and make a name for yourself as much as you can,” said Velez-Solic.

When she is not teaching or being a mother, Velez-Solic has many diverse hobbies including gardening, baking, cooking, shooting guns, writing and reading. She hopes to one day become a director of either a teaching and learning center or an online learning center. “I would love to be someone that other women can look up to, an I think techie women really need that,” said Velez-Solic. “They need to see more women who have climbed the ladder and made it to the top.”