Elizabeth Prout

Open Science Grid Analyst

Elizabeth Prout, analyst for Open Science Grid at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, provides scientists across the globe with the vast amounts of computing resources needed to support their research, and guides scientists and administrators to work towards the common goal of scientific progress.

Prior to spending the last five years absorbed in grid computing, Prout worked in the private sector performing consumer internet and applications support. Skilled in the globus toolkit and experienced in navigating Linux environments, Prout has cultivated an array of technical skills. Currently, Prout is involved in virtualization, public key infrastructures, shell scripts, and batch systems, such as condor and torque on the user and administrator ends.

As information technology is constantly changing, Prout enjoys the challenge the field presents.

“I love to have a front-row seat to how society changes in tandem with technology,” explained Prout.

Prout has always held a harmonious, close relationship with technology, and remembers as a young woman writing her first program on a graphing calculator while bored in a trigonometry class.

“Somewhere, there are pictures of me in Velcro shoes and a diaper trying to get to an Apple IIe my family had when I was a toddler,” explained Prout. “Computers are part of the narrative of my life, and when it was time for me to enter the workforce, IT made sense because I spent so much of my life with computers.”

As an employee of Open Science Grid, Prout is honored to be a member of a top-tier technical community of talented people with a serious investment in the scientific community. She enjoys the unique opportunity to help scientists around the world in vital research, supporting theories so revolutionary that several of the theorists are Nobel Laureates.

“It's a great feeling to know that I'm helping, in my own way, to fuel cancer research or pursue the origin of the universe,” explained Prout.

Prout advises females entering IT as an entry-level employee to not bypass a job if they don’t meet the requirements, but rather apply and hit the books to gain the knowledge needed for the position.

“You'll never grow as a professional if you aren't willing to expand your skills and network aggressively,” stated Prout.

Outside of work, Prout works with an independent film company, manages a tech blog, and writes.