Beth Nolen

Senior IT Education Specialist , UITS

Senior IT Education Specialist Beth Nolen says her job is so much more than writing and teaching technology workshops. “I learn about new technologies and help others understand them, research and explore new modalities for teaching, and help people get the most out of the technologies available to them,” she said.

Nolen works at UITS IT Training on the Bloomington campus, and presented at CEWiT’s Techie Women Have More… conference this year. “I have always loved technology, and learning as much as I can about it,” Nolen said. “I am proud of having been given the opportunity to help build IT Training’s collaborative and video training efforts from the ground up.”

Most of Nolen’s technology skills were self-taught, and she can remember teaching herself to program one rainy day in high school. “Whether you are teaching yourself or getting professional training, it is important to keep your tech skills up to date,” she said. “Sometimes it is hard to rush to learn a new suite of programs in a short amount of time or determine how to use a new technology quickly, but being up for the challenge is key.”

Outside of work, Nolen enjoys crocheting, reading and riding her scooter when the weather allows. The best piece of advice she has for those entering technical fields today is to experiment. “If something doesn’t work right, just try something different,” said Nolen. “You’ll learn new things as you go!”