Kimmaree Murday

Senior Education Specialist

Kimmaree Murday is a Senior Education Specialist with UITS’ IT Training. She works primarily at the IUPUI campus, but also supports IT Training’s work in Bloomington. Kimmaree shows students, faculty, and staff how to get the most out of their computer. She focuses on training for software programs such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Dreamweaver, basic statistics programs and web programming. She also creates self-study documents and videos so people can learn at their own pace. She’s a former faculty member, so she enjoys specializings in Learning Management systems like Oncourse.

“I am very comfortable with both common and obscure capabilities of many software programs and am particularly good at troubleshooting,” she said. “I have some background in programming, and my most valuable asset, I think, has more to do with my ability to explain technical-heavy things to civilians and to explain user needs to tech-heads in a way that both groups understand.”

Kimmaree says she loves her job. “I love seeing that ‘aha!’ moment in people’s eyes when they discover how to do something that has been eluding them for some time,” she said. “Any time I can show someone how to use technology to actually make their life easier, I am extremely satisfied.” She also says she loves that she gets to play with technology every day.

After starting her career at IUPUI as a Spanish Linguistics professor, she said she found herself most rewarded by helping her students and colleagues make better use of technology. So, when she learned of an opening in IT Training, she decided to switch careers. Her advice to anyone considering a career in technology is, “The industry never stops changing, so never stop learning! The same set of skills that get you this job might be obsolete in a few years, but those skills will make it easier to learn the next set of skills if you keep your mind sharp. Even if you aren’t sure what a particular new innovation might have to do with you and your work, learn something about it now; if nothing else, it will help you decide later what might be useful to you or your team,” she said.

When she’s not working for IT Training, Kimmaree loves to work in her garden. She is also a “huge” fan of science ficition and enjoys games of all kinds, “everything from computer games to board games to role playing (like D&D).”