Megan May

Manager of Student Academic Systems

Megan May is the manager of the Student Academic Systems team in the Enterprise Student Systems division of UITS.  Megan works at IUPUI in Indianapolis, but she works on systems that support the entire IU community so she is often spotted on the Bloomington campus

Currently she manages the technical IU team that is involved in Kuali Student Project.  This team provides analysis, design, and application development for Kuali Student, a next-generation information system currently under development.   Kuali Student is a community-source, next-generation information system designed to meet the business needs of students, faculty, and institutions throughout the academic lifecycle.    Indiana University will be implementing value-add functionality to supplement PeopleSoft. Prior to KS, Megan managed a development team that builds learning management software and works with partners all over the world.

Megan’s expertise lies with data structures and databases (including HTML, XML, SQL, Oracle, and MySQL), Enterprise systems architecture (such as J2EE and Spring), Open source software, project management, agile development methodologies (CSM certified) and operations and systems analysis.

When asked what she loves about her job, she said, “I’ve had the opportunity to interact with peers at other schools across the globe. The challenges and opportunities of collaboration on such a large scale continue to be a great source of challenge and enjoyment.”

Megan says that when she began college at IU Bloomington, she had plans to become an accountant. She had used computers a little in high school, but really became interested in them in college. “Amazing things were happening in IT (like Napster and wireless technology), and I changed my major to focus on computers. I’m very analytical, so system analysis and design really called out to me,” she said.

She began working in IT as a part-time employee in the computer labs and support center at UITS in Bloomington. From there she moved to the Network Operations Center and finally settled in software development. “I like to think that I wandered around until I found my niche,” she said.

One thing she said she is proud of in her career is being able to retire a system that IU had been attempting to retire for 7 years.  The system was used daily but students and faculty so being “able to do it relatively quietly and without much impact on our users …was great!”

When asked if she had any words of advice for anyone considering a career in IT, Megan said, “Don’t be afraid to ask questions and take full advantage of the opportunity to grow on a variety of fronts.”

When she’s not working, Megan enjoys reading, kayaking, cheese making, and considers herself a ‘Foodie’ and cocktail enthusiast.