Michele Kelmer

Manager, Digital Education Programs and Initiatives

Michele Kelmer is Manager with the Digital Education Programs and Initiatives at UITS. Before that, she was an IT strategy business analyst with UITS’ IT Community Partnerships. While she works primarily at the Bloomington campus, she supports and frequently travels to all seven of IU’s campuses.

Kelmer develops strategic partnerships and collaboration opportunities between UITS and the campus community, specializing in web development, digital media, and cloud computing. “I help make connections between IU’s students, faculty, and staff with the technology they need for their projects,” she says.

Additionally, Kelmer is responsible for the Student IT Ambassadors' student organization and student outreach focused on the adoption of centralized IT services like IUanyWare, Box, IU Mobile, IT Training, Lynda.com, the Support Center, and Ask IU.

Kelmer has loved IT for a while. “My first IT job was managing a computer lab in college,” she says. “I loved to help my fellow students and I often learned new tricks while I solved their issues.” After completing a master’s degree in communication technology from Florida State University, she held several jobs in web design and development. Kelmer says, “Along the way, I also taught classes for several universities in the areas of basic computing, computer science, graphic design, web development, business communication, and more.”

However, Kelmer credits a traditionally non technical skill as one of the most important. “Perhaps one of my most valuable skills is the ability to understand the complexities of IT and then communicate this information to a less technical audience,” she says.

When asked what she enjoys most about her job, Kelmer says, “Helping people find the right technological solution for the work at hand,” as well as being able to observe the rate at which technology advancements are made.

Kelmer tells anyone considering a career in IT, “Seize every opportunity you get to learn something new; be adaptable and flexible.”

When she’s not traveling for her duties at IU, Kelmer coaches and plays community soccer.