Janae Cummings

Strategic Communications Specialist

Janae Cummings is a Strategic Communications Specialist with the IU Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President.  In this role, Janae develops strategies and creative content to promote the campus bicentennial strategic plan, with a focus on social media, digital communications, and podcasting. Before working in the Provost's Office, Janae was the senior communications specialist with the OVPIT IT Communications Office.

Cummings has worked with technologists whose efforts in high-performance computing and networking are, as she says, “quite literally changing the world.” She created the communications that spread awareness about these achievements to state, national, and international communities, job duties that she classifies as “pretty cool.”

When asked what she loved most about her job at UITS, Cummings says, “My office boasts some of the most creative minds in UITS. That makes coming to work each day a lot of fun.”

How did Cummings end up working in an IT organization? “Pure happenstance,” she says. “After law school, I went into public relations and copywriting for an ad agency that served technology companies. This led to a writing and editing position in IU’s IT Communications Office.

Cummings' work with the IT Communication Office has recently won her the following awards:

  • Supercomputing 2011 comic book: "Moving fast. Thinking big,” Distinguished and Best in Show, 2012 Society for Technical Communication Awards
  • Indiana Center for Network Translational Research and Education website, Excellence, 2012 Society for Technical Communication Awards
  • 2012 Statewide IT Conference: The Great Cloud Debate, Excellence, 2012 Society for Technical Communication Awards
  • Adobe Days 2012 Event Report, Distinguished, 2012 Society for Technical Communication Awards

She says the accomplishment she is most proud of is her award-winning comic book for SC11, the world’s largest supercomputing conference. She’s also gratified to have written “IT@IU: The Aspire Manifesto” and “Big Red II: The Spirit of Indiana University,” two videos that anchored the 2012 Statewide IT Conference and the Big Red II dedication, respectively.

To anyone thinking of entering an IT career, Cummings advises, “Be passionate and work each day like you have something to prove. The rest will take care of itself.”

When Cummings isn’t writing about technical things, she enjoys watching sports of all kinds, playing golf, and judging people’s music collections.