Christina Bezzy

Product Owner, Human Resources Management Systems, UITS

Christina Bezzy is a Product Owner for the Human Resources Management System in UITS.

“I like best that I am able to bring technological solutions that help people,” says Bezzy.

Bezzy hasn’t always been interested in or worked in IT. “I worked in a center that did direct mail campaigns to high school students,” she explains. “The department responsible for the mail data wasn’t the best at keeping it up to date, so my department received returned mail over and over. I asked to get into the database so that I could update the addresses. That sparked an interest in data that led me to go to school to learn about technology.”

Eventually her focus shifted from database administration to systems administration and usability issues and then to Agile softwere development, where she's found a new passion. "I worked in a software shop for two years that developed using the framework.  It was a success; I am hooked," she said. She added that Kuali student uses Agile, but IU is just now going in that direction. "I like learning more about it and also sharing my knowledge, which is why I became a Certified Scrum Master." 

To anyone who may be thinking of starting a career in IT, Bezzy says, “There are many aspects of IT; find your passion and go with it.”

When she is not defining fnctional requirements and considering usability problems, Bezzy enjoys watching NHRA drag racing, camping and fishing. She also loves animals and has two dogs.