CEWiT partners with the Indiana University Women in Information Technology (IUWIT), a group designed for women working in IT at all IU campuses, to provide support and programming for staff who work in or with technology at IU. IUWIT was formed in the summer of 2012 when Megan May, manager of UITS’ Learning Management Systems, reached out to other IT workers at IU. While many who participate in IUWIT are employees, anyone with an interest is welcomed and encouraged to join.

What Is the Purpose of IUWIT?

IUWIT desires to become a recognized and respected professional association for female staff and employees across all IU campuses. We seek to provide professional networking opportunities; an open forum to raise issues and concerns impacting women in IT careers; advocacy and encouragement; and, pathways to professional development. Our goals are to further the IT profession and grow opportunities for women, while paying it forward with service and mentoring.

What Does IUWIT Do?

  • Leadership Series: At least once a quarter, IUWIT will bring in current IU leaders to talk about their experiences.
  • Mentoring Program: The planning committee matches those who wish to be a mentor, to be mentored, or both and provides opportunities for the participants to network.
  • Social Events: At least once a quarter, IUWIT will organize opportunities for networking and socializing at local events at each campus.

Future Initiatives

IUWIT also plans to offer student mentoring and job shadowing. Because the mentoring program is in its initial stages, the program is currently open only to IU staff. However, IUWIT hopes to expand the program to include IU students and implement a job-shadowing component.

The planning committee is continually seeking new ways to reach out and serve women technologists at IU and welcomes any suggestions.

Visit IU WIT on Facebook, or become a member of IU WIT by subscribing to their mailing list by sending an email with the subject of 'subscribe' to iu_wit-l-subscribe@iu.edu to be notified of events. (Please note that IUWIT maintains a seperate mailing list from CEWiT. To join CEWiT's mailing list, please complete the Contact Us form.)