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Whether an undeclared First Year or a graduating Senior, in ANY major, the CEWiT Job Shadow Program offers IU-Bloomington students the opportunity to learn more about professions, receive career-related advice, and reflect on the ways in which their IU education can prepare you for life after graduation.

CEWiT will match interested students with staff employed at IU-Bloomington in technology-related jobs each semester. Through this experience students can strengthen their resume, discuss internship possibilities, develop industry awareness, and more.

The matches for the fall 2018 semester have been made. We will re-open the application for new matches in January, 2019 for the spring 2018 semester.

Hear what previous Job Shadow students had to say about the program:

"I really liked that now I have a contact in a different field than what I thought I was interested in. I never really thought about security as a job option for me but after meeting [name redacted], it is really interesting and definitely something I am interested in."

I liked being able to see technology used in different ways than I thought. My mentor was an English major and was able to use her skill to do something productive in technology. Her job is very important to IU."

"Seeing someone working in IT in the real world helped me better prepare for when I'm in that position after I graduate. My staff affiliate showed me how the "office job" world worked and how the degree you get doesn't always necessarily line up with the job that you get. I also got to network with her coworkers, and they also offered me good advice about trying out different jobs within the computer science field. I got to see how their jobs fit in to the whole operation of the IT department in the building they worked in. We even got to go down to the server room, which I thought was pretty cool. Overall, the experience opened my eyes to what my post-graduation plans could potentially look like and what career opportunities I could consider."

For more information on the CEWiT Job Shadow program, please contact Jennifer Turrentine at jturrent@indiana.edu.