Adding a minor or a certificate is a great way to build your skills. Check out these minors and certificates offered at IU.


Human-Centered Computing
This minor explores the social and cultural aspects of informatics and computing, including the role of design in the creation of new technology, human-computer interaction, multimedia technology, and the legal, ethical, and organizational implications of technology.

Information Technology
This minor allows students to pick up fundamental skills in programming, network technology, and interface or Web programming.

Security Informatics
This minor is a great choice for students interested in technology, human impact, challenges, and techniques of information security.

This minor provides students with a foundation in the concepts of informatics and also allows students to choose courses in topics such as artificial life, multimedia art, data mining and management, interaction design, bio-inspired computing, business application development, telecommunications, and systems design and implementation.

Computer Science
The minor in computer science allows students to take courses in software systems and either computer structures or data structures.

Information Systems
The School of Public and Environmental Affairs offers this minor, which provides courses on fundamental theories and tools of information systems as applied to the public sector.

This department offers courses in promotional and marketing strategies, multimedia design, radio and television production, processes and effects, and industry and management.

Certificates and Other Programs

Certificate in Informatics
The certificate in informatics allows students to learn how to apply technology to solve problems in variety of areas. 

Certificate in New Media & Interactive Storytelling
This certificate includes courses in digital radio and television, Internet applications, and video games.

Computer Educator License
Students pursuing degrees in elementary or secondary education can add this license and become tech-savvy teachers.