Why YOU Should Connect to CEWiT

Welcome to the fall 2018 semester!  As you explore your options on campus, we invite you to Connect with the IU Center of Excellence for Women in Technology (CEWiT)!

Our mission is to inspire, encourage, and educate IU women in every major to develop and use tech skills to empower and enhance career success


Because YOU need technology skills -- Technology skills can get you hired just about anywhere - NOT just "in tech" - and growing your set of technology skills will give you an edge in ANY major/career (marketing, nursing, psychology, accounting, biology, art, English, journalism, education, media, etc.)

And, because, technology needs YOU -- Technology increasingly permeates every aspect of society and provides the foundation for most modern innovation. While women are avid users of technology, they are significantly underrepresented in its creation and implementation. Women's lack of participation in this important and growing area has serious consequences for the future of technical innovation. The CEO of OneAmerica, one of the largest employers in Indianapolis, recently wrote that new graduates who have “the ability to work with technology and with IT professionals to implement new technology… will find themselves employed and poised for career advancement.”

Connect with CEWiT today and begin to build or enhance your technology skills!