CEWiT announces 2014 Outstanding Faculty and Staff Mentor Award Winners

By Jenny Hertel

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

CEWiT invited Indiana University students to nominate IU-Bloomington faculty who made a difference for them in terms of their satisfaction and academic success, motivated and encouraged them, and served as an advocate of women students for the 2014 Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award.

Additionally, CEWiT asked IU staff from all campuses to nominate Bloomington staff for the 2014 Outstanding Staff Mentor Award to recognize the efforts of an individual employee who has demonstrated commitment to outstanding mentorship, been a dedicated advocate for advancing and mentoring his or her colleagues, and served as an advocate of women staff.

As a result, CEWiT has named two faculty and one staff member as the 2014 Outstanding Mentors. Each award winner was honored on March 28, 2014 at the opening banquet of the Techie Women Have More… conference. Eileen Friel, IU Professor of Astronomy and chair of the CEWiT Faculty Alliance Leadership Team, presented the faculty awards. Sue Workman, AVP of UITS Client Services at IU and member of the CEWiT Advisory Council, presented the staff award.

CEWiT is pleased to announce the following 2014 Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award winners:

• Dr. Deborah ‘Ralf’ Shaw, Professor, is the Chair of the Department of Information and Library Science and MIS Program Co-Director in the School of Informatics and Computing. MLS student Katherine Ahnberg nominated Ralf, stating, “Dr. Shaw sets the standard for mentorship at Indiana University. As Dean and then Chair of our department, her door is always open and welcome to any student, staff, or faculty member who stops by. … Attentive, supportive, and thought provoking, Dr. Shaw raises the tone of our department by encouraging excellence and hard work in every student … As a professor, Dr. Shaw is an inspiring public servant whose quiet yet ardent passion for the profession imbues a strong sense of loyalty to the field in her students.”

• Dr. Thomas James, Associate Professor in the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences at the College of Arts and Sciences. Doctoral Candidate Lindsay Arcurio nominated Thomas, stating, “He has gone over and beyond what most advisors would do or have done for their graduate students. I have been his graduate student for 6 years, and he has seen me through 2 pregnancies with unwavering support. Currently, there is no maternity leave available for graduate students. … Dr. Thomas James has continually encouraged me in both my research and family matters. He believes that having women in science is critical to advancement in the field and wants to do everything in his power to support women in science. … Dr. Thomas James deserves this award because he not only says he supports women in science, but he puts his words to action."

CEWiT is also pleased to announce the following 2014 Outstanding Staff Mentor Award winner:

• Norma Holland, retired Associate Vice President of University Information Systems at UITS. Sue Workman, who presented the award to Norma, nominated her. Norma came to IU in August of 1976 and retired in January of 2006. During that time, whe was the first female AVP to serve on then-Vice President Michael McRobbie’s Cabinet. When presenting the award, Sue read quotes from several current IU IT leaders who credit Norma with helping them get to where they are today, including Phyllis Davidson, retired Director of IT at the IU Library, who said, “Norma leads mostly by example and she had a great deal of influence on the way I approached managing staff. (She taught me to) listen, be responsive, and show integrity.” Laurie Sullivan, Director in UITS Enterprise Software, said “Norma organized work share and time off for me and several other pregnant women before this was even cool.”