Achievements of Women in STIM Poster Competition Winners Announced

Monday, April 27, 2015

On April 17, 50 student researchers presented their research in the first annual Achievements of Women in STIM poster competition. This was an interdisciplinary competition and all women, graduate and undergraduate, whose research connects with or utilizes technology, science, informatics, or math were invited to present their research. Participants competed in one of four categories: Technology & Computing, Life Sciences, Physical and Mathematical Sciences, and Health and Social Sciences.

We are excited to announce the award winners in each of the categories in the undergraduate and graduate divisions:


Health and Social Sciences

Afrida Rahman, Neuroscience: “Expression of the Schizophrenia Susceptibility Gene Neuregulin-3 in the Central Nervous System”

Life Sciences

Kimberly McCoy, Chemistry: “Hierarchical Assembly of Catalytic Nanomaterials using Virus-Like Particles

Physical and Mathematical Sciences/Technology & Computing

Michelle Lew, Chemistry: “Measurements of the Rate Constant for the Reaction of Isoprene-based Peroxy Radicals with HO2”


Health and Social Sciences

Natalie Wallace, Neuroscience: “Lipid raft mediated neuronal signaling of the tyrosine kinase, Tyro3”

Life Sciences

Doh-Kyung Kim, Neuroscience: “Characterization of Signaling Deficient Tyro3” 

Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Kara Osburn, Chemistry: “Bio-prospecting, selection, and analysis of wild yeasts for use in the craft beer industry”

Technology & Computing

Marissa Buonamici, Psychology: “Women in Technology Companies”

Attendees of the poster session were also able to vote for their favorite poster for the People’s Choice award category:

People’s Choice

First place

Katie Griebel, Biology: “Feeling Sick?  Get sexy!”

Second place (tie)

Princess Ostine, Nutrition Science: “Nutrition and Eye Health During College Years”

Abigail Kost, Psychology: “Can You Repeat That? The Effect of Item Repetition on Interleaved and Blocked Study”

The Achievements of Women in STIM Poster Competition was co-sponsored and organized by the Center of Excellence for Women in Technology, the Women in Science organization, the Women in STIM Living-Learning Center, and the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education. We would like to thank all of the sponsors, judges, participants, and attendees of our poster competition.