Omoju Miller's CEWiT Anniversary Talk on YouTube

By Meghan McGrath

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

If you missed Omoju Miller's fantastic talk on "Inventing the Mythical Creature" at CEWiT's First Anniversary Celebration, don't worry—it's now available to watch on the IU CEWiT YouTube Channel! Miller, a Technology Portfolio Manager at Google, shared her insights on curiousity-driven learning, finding your niche in technology, and her experiences working in tech as a woman of color. She also introduced Made with Code, a Google initiative that provides coding resources to young women. Visitors to the site can learn coding principles through fun projects or find out about live events, and can hear the stories of women who are making a difference through technology. 

You can check out "Inventing the Mythical Creature" by clicking on the link below, or learn more about Made with Code here.

Omoju Miller on IU CEWiT YouTube