Kuali Days Honors Ailish Byrne

By Anna Maria Viterisi

Monday, February 18, 2013

Ailish Byrne, financial systems manager for the Enterprise Software division of UITS at Indiana University, was honored at Kuali Days 2013 for her work on behalf of the Kuali Foundation with the Kuali Golden Chopsticks, the highest award the community offers in celebration of their lifetime contributions to Kuali.

The Kuali Golden Chopsticks recognize individuals with long-term commitment to the Kuali Foundation, invaluable influence to the development of the software, and who forward the cause of the community. The award was presented by Bruce Alexander, Director of Enterprise Architecture at Michigan State University and Randy Ozden, CEO of Vivantech.

Byrne began her work within the Kuali community as the original configuration manager for the Kuali Financial System (KFS). The KFS project is a comprehensive enterprise-level financial software system that meets the needs of Carnegie Class institutions such as Cornell University, Michigan State University, Indiana University, and University of Hawaii. As configuration manager, Byrne was responsible for development support, automated testing and implementation documentation.

Currently, Byrne serves as the project manager for the KFS. In this role, she works with the Kuali community and inspects code that functionally has broad appeal, and incorporates the code into the community. Byrne also coordinates with other projects managers to collaborate on design and develop innovative software solutions.

Beyond the recognition, Byrne feels rewarded by the prospects the Kuali Foundation provides.  She enjoys the wide diversity of personalities and people she works with across the country.

“The Kuali community gives me the opportunity to work in a broader community and have a wider impact,” stated Byrne.