CEWiT's Katy Börner at the AAAS Conference

By Meghan McGrath

Monday, February 24, 2014

On February 12, CEWiT Faculty Alliance member Katy Börner premiered a film she produced as part of her involvement in this year's American Association for the Advancement of Science conference in Chicago. Called Humanexus, the 12 1/2 minute animated film “visualizes human communication from the Stone Age to today and beyond.” 

Börner also participated in the conference's Innovation and Entrepreneurship symposium and Network of Diaspora in Engineering and Science event. As part of the week's activities, IU's Dr. Bernadine Ghetti, Provost Professor Olaf Sporns, Emeritus Professor Peter T. Cherbas, professor Elizabeth C. Raff, and professor Malcolm E. WInkler, were inducted as AAAS fellows, bringing the number of IU-affiliated AAAS fellows up to 86.

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