Kim Jenkins CEWiT Staff Mentor-Advocate award winner at the fourth annual CEWiT Summit

By Nadine Herman

Monday, March 6, 2017

Kim Jenkins, an IU academic advisor, was announced as the CEWiT Staff Mentor-Advocate” award winner at the fourth annual CEWiT Summit. Jenkins encourages students to get involved with CEWiT and involves herself through the CEWiT Summit conferences.

“The CEWiT Summit offers opportunities for me to learn and provides practical sessions
that makes incorporating technology less daunting,” says Jenkins. “I come away with something that I can use either in my day-to-day activities or as tools for professional development.”

For Jenkins, winning the award serves as a reminder that what she does is important. She was surprised to learn that others were taking notice of her work.

“It was very touching to know that someone took notice of the little things that I consider to be a normal part of my job and what I do.”

Receiving the staff-mentor award encourages Jenkins to keep supporting others in the best way she can. Through this award, she is glad that the broader community will become aware of the positive work happening on campus.

CEWiT’s mission of empowering women to pursue excellence in the technology industry is meaningful for Jenkins. Through initiatives and special events, Jenkins believes that CEWiT equips women with the tools to be successful.

“It means that women in technology or women who desire stronger technical abilities have an ally and a source of support to grow."

Jenkins plans to continue to support CEWiT and attend events such as the summit.

“I’ve been encouraged by CEWiT’s support of others underrepresented in technology, such as the newly created B-WiT student interest group,” says Jenkins. “I will continue to promote and support student involvement in CEWiT.”