IU Bloomington named 11th in nation for women in STEM

By Meghan McGrath

Thursday, September 26, 2013

IU Bloomington ranks high among colleges advacing women in STEM: 11th in the nation and second among Big 10 universities, according to a recent survey. “It’s vital that women are encouraged to participate in strong STEM programs like Indiana University Bloomington offers to narrow the gender gap in these traditionally male arenas, academically and professionally,” said Sarah Durkin, managing director of The College Database, which spearheaded the report.

Through Women in STIM intiatives like the Center of Excellence for Women in Technology, the Women in STIM Student Residential Community, and the Provost' Professional Development Awards for Women in Science, IU strives to recognize and support the achievements of women studying, working, researching, and teaching in STIM fields.

For the full story: http://news.indiana.edu/releases/iu/university-wide/2013/09/STEM-women-rankings.shtml