CEWiT Announces Outstanding Mentor and Leadership Awards

By Eliza Williams

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Center of Excellence for Women in Technology (CEWiT) is proud to announce that Anna Lynch, Kim Novick and Sophia Bender received Outstanding Mentor and Leadership Awards at the Techie Women Have More… conference banquet on March 6, 2015.

CEWiT invited Indiana University staff and students to submit nominations for mentors who have truly made a difference in their academic or career success.  The mentors nominated exemplified leadership skills, encouraged peers and students and served as advocates for women in technology.

Meet this year's Outstanding Faculty and Staff Mentors and Student Leader:

Anna Lynch, recipient of the 2015 Outstanding Staff Mentor Award, is the Principal Online Instructional Designer at eLearning Design & Services at IU. She provides leadership around online instructional design, leads a cross-campus team of instructional designers and coordinates internal partnerships with instructional technologists, web developers and videographers. Lynch mentors her instructional design team through quality conversations, bonus recommendations, professional development feedback and respect for work-life balance.  She is an active member of CEWiT, dedicated to grassroots organizations, empowering women in tech and multicultural enrichment.
Anna Lynch

Dr. Kimberly Novick, recipient of the 2015 Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award, is a faculty member in the Environmental Science Program within the School of Public and Environmental Affairs. Novick leads a research group that works on understanding the interactions and feedback between terrestrial ecosystems and the atmosphere. She often incorporates real-world applications from her own research into the classroom, guiding students through complex data analysis and number crunching. She is known for her confidence in her students as well as for encouraging a fun, collaborative lab environment. Novick encourages all of her students, particularly young women, to recognize their own potential and realize their success.
Kim Novick

Sophia Bender, recipient of the first-ever Outstanding Student Leadership Award is a doctoral student in the Learning Sciences program. Bender has been heavily involved in CEWiT from its very beginnings, working tirelessly to create what is now the organization’s student alliance, Women Empowering Success in Technology (WESiT). She currently serves on the WESiT executive board as PhD co-chair, and is a mentor and leader for women technology students at IU. Bender works with e-textiles, electronics that can be embedded into clothing, accessories and other soft materials. She has successfully organized and led e-textile workshops with WESiT members, local Girl Scouts and residents of the Women in STIM Living-Learning Center. Her work with e-textiles helps to empower young girls and women to develop an interest in technology.
Sophia Bender