Faculty: Sign up for a mentoring Circle

By Jenny Hertel

Thursday, October 8, 2015

The CEWiT Faculty Alliance is pleased to be offering “Version 3.0” of Faculty Mentoring Circles. CEWiT launched the Circles, small peer groups that meet regularly to learn and share, in the spring of 2014 to connect faculty informally across disciplines and ranks to share issues, ideas, experiences, around a common passion area.

In line with the Center's theme of "Excellence," the CEWiT Circles is informed by best practices developed by ADVANCE institutions over the past ten years that support the success, retention, community development and advancement of women faculty. Common to most ADVANCE campuses are mentoring programs of some form, including small groups and short term speed mentoring.

“We are fortunate that mentoring is one research area of one of our Faculty Leadership Team members, Kylie Peppler,” said CEWiT’s Director, Maureen Biggers. Kylie, Associate Professor of Learning Sciences in the School of Education is serving as the Champion of the CEWiT Circles program.

“We are confident that these Circle Groups have the potential both to promote the development of meaningful connections and intelligent discussions and in addition to inform future directions for the CEWiT Faculty Alliance and its programs and initiatives,” said Biggers. The Circles meet monthly during the academic year and discuss their topic of choice, as well as any other topics the members wish. CEWiT encourages the Circles to examine how the use of various technologies can improve what they do with their passion areas.

“One way we launched the program this fall was to host an event where interested faculty shared their common interests and passions, and from there they self-formed into groups,” said Peppler. “Each Circle is led by a volunteer facilitator, and we cap the numbers to encourage more engaging conversations among Circle members and to actively advance the goals of each Circle.”

"We are always looking to add more faculty to this program,” Peppler said. “So, if anyone has an idea for a topic for a new Circle, we’d be happy to help get it started.”

Below are the current Circles’ topics. To find out more about the Circle and to sign up for one, please go to http://vols.pt/gbZawJ.

  • #1: Academic Leadership Development
  • #2: Digital Research and Technology
  • #3 Engaging Local & Global Communities
  • #4: Initiating & Expanding Research
  • #5 Leadership in Collaborative Research
  • #6 The Role of Technology in Undergraduate Success
  • #7 Supporting a Work-Life Balance
  • #8 Non-Tenure Track Faculty 
  • #9 Data Analysis & Data Driven Change
  • #10 Best Practices for Student Engagement
  • #11 Best Practices for Faculty Retentions
  • #12 Campus Resources for Research and Teaching
  • #13 Marketing IUB Women in Technology

Is there another topic about which you are passionate that you would like to find other like-minded faculty to discuss? If so, please send an email to cewit@indiana.edu and tell us about it. If we can find 2-5 more faculty interested in the same topic AND a Leader for the Circle, we will be happy to form new Circles. (Please let us know if you would be willing to be a Leader of that Circle when you suggest the topic. Leaders must have a faculty rank and are responsible for organizing and facilitating one meeting a month during the semester and completing an end-of-year-report. They will receive a $500 stipend for their service.)