Sharpen Your Skills: A Guest Blog from Eleven Fifty Consulting

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The following is a guest blog post from Eleven Fifty Academy.


By 2018, it is anticipated that there will be three times as many job openings that require computer science knowledge and skills than there will be qualified individuals. Eleven Fifty Academy, a nonprofit coding academy, exists to help close the nation’s growing technology skills gap through our mission of creating an ecosystem of coding talent that benefits the individual, their employer, and their community.

In order to help close the technology gap by shortening the learning time, Eleven Fifty Academy specializes by offering sprints--short, fast-paced, immersive classes--to teach the most relevant and up-to-date coding coursework. The Academy has two distinct course offerings: SkillUp Courses and Accelerated Learning Programs.

For our SkillUp courses, we offer 2-5-day immersive classes. Our 2-day @Work courses include core methodologies and philosophies, like Agile, User Experience, Security, and Testing, which allow you to be more successful in a work environment. Eleven Fifty also offers 5-day Language, like iOS, Android, Java, Python, Ruby on Rails and JavaScript, and Framework Courses, .NET.

Eleven Fifty Academy’s 9-week accelerated learning program focuses as much on core programming skills as it does on soft skills, such as interview techniques, portfolio building and teamwork. It starts with three weeks of foundation courses of in-depth code writing and real world applications. If you have a programming background, you can test out of the foundation weeks. In week 4-7, you start to delve into the language of your choice (iOS, Android, .NET and JavaScript) and apply it to building applications in teams and individually. For the last couple of weeks, you dive further into the @Work courses which will help round out some business acumen.

Upon earning the Academy’s Red Badge Coder, a graduate of the 9-week accelerated learning program, a Red Badge Coder has a variety of options at their disposal. For graduates who are still at a university, they can find mentorship opportunities within their community. The most prevalent could take form in helping out a local Coder Dojo and helping to encourage coders aged 7-17 in a fun environment. In order to continue practicing her coding language or framework, an undergraduate could also compete in Topcoder to earn money as well as to keep her coding skills current.

For those graduates ready to enter the workforce, they will have an opportunity to be hired for an entry level coding job at the end of 9-weeks or polish their skills in an apprenticeship at one of Eleven Fifty Academy’s partners.

The apprenticeship program through Eleven Fifty Consulting, one of the largest mobile development firms in the Indianapolis area and a sister company to Eleven Fifty Academy, consists of 12 weeks of polishing up the skills learned from the Academy. Eleven Fifty Consulting has developed a program allowing the apprentice to advance one’s skills in all aspects of the the software development lifecycle, application development, business analysis, and QA testing. Upon completion of the apprenticeship, Eleven Fifty Consulting works diligently with the apprentice by striving for 100% placement rates.

Navigating a technology career can be difficult when graduating from college and wondering what the correct steps are to help form the base of your career. Help differentiate yourself from your competition by using the skillset you earn in the Accelerated Learning Programs at Eleven Fifty Academy.