IU Senior Woman Creates Start-up

By Sarah Hunker

Thursday, September 29, 2016

IU senior Megan Tackett is looking to help students everywhere find success while in college. With her new website, Blazr (http://blazrpro.com/), she hopes that students can enhance their overall campus experience.

“My mission with Blazr is to provide unique academic opportunities for undergrads and recent grads,” Tackett said.

Tackett has been involved in case competitions before, which lead to her wanting to let students know all that they can offer. Case competitions are used to find the best solutions to business problems. With Tackett’s experience, she has even traveled to New York City.

“My goal is to really help people find those kind of things because it took me a while to find them,” she said.

Tackett said Blazr is a major resource for college students and graduates to find unique professional opportunities. While many sites only show internship/job postings, Blazr also shows fellowships, workshops, and case competitions. She updates information on these different activities frequently and is open to other people contributing to her site.

Along with finding the content, she created the entire site herself, starting in June with her initial idea. While Tackett already knew how to use HTML and CSS, she still had to use other sites like YouTube tutorials to create the site.

Tackett hopes to expand her site so that it is obtainable through any device by creating an app. When it came to her site name, Blazr, she wanted it to have a start-up feel, but to also encompass professionalism like a blazer conveys.

Tackett hopes that her company can also inspire other women to always work on their technological skills as well. “I would say to anyone interested in starting a website, that its super rewarding and you have to be self motivated because there will be a lot of challenges along the process,” Tackett said. “I especially encourage women to be involved in tech, because it’s really important to have those skills.”

When it comes to CEWiT, Tackett said that was really why she liked its mission. “I have worked on a lot of technical skills in my undergrad experience and employers are really impressed with that…I think would be great for anybody but especially great for women,” she said. Tackett said creating her website was a great way to learn more about technology for her future. “It really has been a rewarding experiences designing, developing and launching the site.”