CEWiT Hosts Advancement Circles for Faculty

Friday, September 30, 2016

“Our primary objectives are to assist faculty with promotion and tenure and how they can leverage technology to move their work forward,” said Assistant Director for Cross-Alliance Initiatives, Jennifer Turrentine.

The Center of Excellence for Women in Technology (CEWiT) will be revising a program for faculty at IU. Prior CEWiT Circles concentrated on group mentoring for faculty. Now, CEWiT Advancement Circles will focus on offering faculty a time and place twice a month to work on progressing their tech skills in three different categories: digital tools for research and scholarship, tech tools for writing, and tech tools for teaching. Turrentine said that the Advancement Circles provide faculty a structured opportunity to learn new technology utilizing their own work, connect with other faculty, and reduce barriers to advancement.

“It’s really about helping people feel comfortable learning new technology in a supportive, productive space,” Turrentine said.

Turrentine said on average, men go up for tenure in their fifth or sixth year, while women usually wait until about their tenth. CEWiT will help guide faculty involved in the Circles to get the best information that they can. Turrentine said that faculty may not have the time or know where to begin looking for new technologies and resources, so participating in the Advancement Circles should help them over the initial hurdle.

“We are doing the challenging part of determining where to begin and what’s available. We are going to find you the best resources for each of the things you’re interested in, and we’re going to find people who are experts in these areas.”

The Circles will be made up of three to six faculty members. Turrentine said the idea is for faculty to build a tight-knit group with which to discuss the challenges they face in their field and to work on finding solutions.

The first semester of the Advancement Circles will give the members a chance to assess their interests and needs within the groups. Participants will learn an array of technological components to help them achieve their goals. Across Circles, they will work on self-promotion, learn project management tools, portfolio development, and more. Within the respective Circles, participants will learn new data visualization software, programming, content management, academic typesetting, wearable tech for grading, classroom collaboration tools, and using mobile devices for teaching and learning.

If you have questions or would like to request additional information, please contact Jennifer Turrentine at jturrent@indiana.edu.