Behavioral Scientist Discusses Pay Inequity

By Sarah Hunker

Friday, November 11, 2016

Matt Wallaert—Microsoft data analyst, proud feminist, and founder of Get Raised—visited IU in October to discuss pay inequality in the workplace. CEWiT and the Women in Economics group hosted this event to bring more awareness to the difficulties women face with salary equity in the work place.

Wallaert has had multiple startup companies in his career and recently launched a new site, The company assists women seeking a pay raise in their company by using data to help women negotiate for higher pay. “We wanted to create something that addressed that gap,” he said. Seventy percent of women who hand in the letter this app helps create have gotten a rase, and th total of raises to date is $2.3 billion, he added.

During the event, Wallaert made a point to encourage more women to make business-type appeals when it comes to asking for raises. Wallaert said that talking yourself up gives you an advantage when it comes to gaining the confidence to ask for advancements. Wallaert demonstrated how to use available data. “The more data-oriented you can get, the better your raise can be,” he said.

Wallaert says he is always trying to work himself out of a job, meaning he constantly looks for new problems to solve and he hates having to solve the same issues for extended periods of time. But when it comes to working on women in the workforce, that’s something that never gets old for him. “More important for me is addressing inhibiting pressures: things that keep women from taking action on the desire to enter tech, it’s making the hiring funnel more friendly [and] it is plugging retention leaks with flexibility and equal pay.”

Wallaert wants other women to know that although discrimination is still prevalent in the work place, there are more ways to help close the gender gaps we still face. “Discrimination is a reality and you’re going to find it out there and that sucks.  Thank you for being patient with the men in the world. But most importantly, don’t give up your right to be angry…,” he said. “Create room in your life for that, seek people who can hear and validate it; the barriers you face are real, you don’t have to face them alone. #YesAllWomen.”