CEWiT announces winners of the 2018 Women’s Research Poster Competition

Thursday, April 12, 2018

On April 6, 2018, CEWiT hosted its fifth annual Women’s Research Poster Competition. Participants had the opportunity to present a poster about their research, receive feedback from judges, network with other women researchers, and compete for prizes.

Of the 83 poster entries, 11 winners were chosen in 5 categories. Each category offered awards for both graduate and undergraduate students. Sixty-one members of the IU Community (faculty, staff, graduate students, and postdocs) served as judges.

Additionally, members of the public and the IU community were invited to vote for a People’s Choice award winner.

The 2018 Women’s Research Poster Competition winners are pictured below by the categories in which they completed. Click on the poster title to see their poster.

Technology and Computing

Vaishnavi Mukundhan
Co-Presenter: Senyung Lee
Graduate winner

Automated Scoring of Argumentation in L2 Learners' Writing Using Machine Learning Techniques (*Note: poster was not provided)


Payton Goodman
Undergraduate co-winner

The Growing Use of IT in the Nonprofit Sector


Kailen Dobias
Undergraduate co-winner

Health & Behavioral Sciences

Lindsey Kitchell
Graduate winner

White Matter Tract Shape via Laplace Beltrami Spectra as Classification Features for Neuropsychiatric Disorders


Courtney Seigel
Undergraduate winner

Effect of visuo-proprioceptive realignment on somatotopicsensitivity in the motor cortex

Social Sciences

Harim Seo
Graduate winner

Exploring on Earthquakes Studies through Visualization


Cierra Williams
Undergraduate winner

Confrontation Fatigue: The Intrapersonal Effects of Confronting Racial Prejudice

Physical & Mathematical Sciences

Katherine VanDenburgh
Graduate winner

Synthesis and Characterization of a Library of Turn-on Fluorescent Sensors for Chloride (*Note: per the winner’s request, we are not publishing her poster)


Jenna Bingham
Undergraduate winner

Fluoroamide-Directed Fluorination of Unactivated C-H Bonds

Life Science

Silvia Karim
Graduate winner

Blood Vessel and Pancreatic Development in Zebrafish


Kara Osburn
Undergraduate winner

Yeast in Fermentation and Biochemical Studies

People’s Choice Award

Grace Murphy

Environmental Risk Assessment of Lead Pollution in the Cooper River Watershed