Olga Scrivner

Visiting Lecturer, Spanish and Portuguese Department

Visiting Lecturer Olga Scrivner teaches three language courses in the Spanish and Portuguese departments at IU and is actively involved in research on language technology and computational linguistics. “With the support from this university and my department, I am able to integrate these two passions into my research,” said Scrivner.

Scrivner leads a CEWiT Faculty Circle and was previously involved in WESiT as a graduate student here at IU. “Technical fields are deeply integrated in all aspects of our academic and non-academic life,” she said. Scrivner encourages those entering the STEM fields today to be open and get engaged in hands-on workshops like those CEWiT provides.

Gaining and understanding student insights on technology has recently led Scrivner to a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Grant for her proposal “Augmented Reality Digital Technologies for Foreign Languages Teaching and Learning.” This proposal discusses using smartphones and augmented reality apps in classrooms.

Scrivner’s aspiration is to bridge the gap between language studies and technology. “I want to encourage all techie-to-be women to consider technology not as a hurdle, but as a great aid in all aspects of professional life,” she said. “In fact, learning and embracing technological skills can help improve the quality of our lives.”