Beth Plale

Full Professor of Informatics and Computing

As a founding member, Beth Plale has been dedicated to CEWiT from its start. Plale is a Full Professor of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University where she directs the Data To Insight Center and serves as Science Director of the Pervasive Technology Institute. She is deeply engaged in interdisciplinary research and education in earth and environmental sciences, digital humanities, health and social sciences.

“As data grow more abundant, a savviness with technology is needed in more areas of scholarly activity,” said Plale. “CEWIT reaches across department and school boundaries to strengthen women’s and men’s skills where they are to give them the confidence to succeed.”

In August 2017, Plale will begin a 2-3 year appointment at the National Science Foundation as Science Advisor for Public Access. Plale looks forward to having the opportunity to strengthen public access to the digital products

“I am extremely excited by the opportunity to advance public access to the digital products of scientific research and honored to be serving the science community in the US at this point in my career.”

The versatility and future of technology encourages Plale to inspire an interest in younger generations. She sees CEWiT’s work as vital in continuing important conversations about how to empower women within the technology field. Plale hopes that women embrace their career paths and confidence in order to succeed.

“I urge you to use your skills and learning to explore the potential and innovate with gusto,” said Plale. “I’ve learned though a long career in technology that even the engineer in us must not ignore the social implications of our innovations. We all live in the world of our own making, and want a better world for all.”