Leanne Mobley

Scholarly Technologies Librarian at IU Libraries

Leanne Mobley loves telling people she’s a librarian. “What I do is so different from the traditional stereotype,” she said. Mobley is the Scholarly Technologies Librarian at IU Libraries, and provides technology training for librarians. “A big part of my job is keeping up with emerging technologies and making sure the libraries are up to speed.”

In a usual workday, Mobley uses many different technologies. She is a member of the Libraries’ social media team and also creates promotional materials, so she spends a lot of time on Twitter, Instagram, Hootsuite, InDesign and Illustrator. Mobley also utilizes Google products like Google Keep, Drive, Plus and Cardboard frequently. “I tend to work on lots of different computers and with lots of different people, so the flexibility and collaborative nature of these cloud-based products is really helpful,” she said.

Makerspaces also interest Mobley because she says they encourage creativity, problem-solving and hands-on learning. “I am so excited about the School of Education’s MILL makerspace and I hope that we can offer more maker-type workshops at Wells Library in the future,” she said.

Mobley was drawn to librarianship because of its community aspect. “Libraries are such unique and magical places,” she said. “They’re one of the few places where everyone is welcome and you can ask anything.” Mobley feels that IUB Libraries play a major role in the success of the university as a whole, and is proud to be a librarian. “Our profession is often thought to have an uncertain future, but I think this is a truly exciting time to be a librarian,” she said. “The field is changing and a new generation is looking to the future.”

When Mobley is not at work she enjoys exploring new places, sewing, dancing, bike riding and reading. Her biggest piece of advice for those entering the STEM field today is to be proud of your interests. “Don’t shy away from your interests because they’re not spelled out in your job description,” she said. “When you take your job and make it your own, everybody wins.”