• Adam Maltese

    Jo Anne Tracy
    Director of IU’s Office of Science Outreach and the Assistant Dean of Research for the College of Arts and Sciences


  • Adam Maltese

    Adam Maltese
    Associate Professor of Science Education at IU’s School of Education


  • Brenda McNellen

    Brenda McNellen
    IU Alumnus and Lecturer at the Kelley School of Business


  • Beth Plale

    Beth Plale
    Full Professor of Informatics and Computing


  • Kalani Craig

    Kalani Craig
    Clinical Assistant Professor


  • Inna Kouper

    Inna Kouper
    Research Scientist

  • Katy Börner

    Katy Börner
    Distinguished Professor of Information Science


  • Eliza Pavalko

    Eliza Pavalko
    Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affiars

  • Margaret Dolinsky

    Nikki Pohl
    Chemistry and Biology Professor, College of Arts and Sciences

  • Olga Scrivner

    Olga Scrivner
    Visiting Lecturer, Spanish and Portuguese Department

  • Jennifer Herron

    Jennifer Herron
    Emerging Technologies Librarian, Ruth Lilly Medical Library

  • Diane Dallis

    Diane Dallis
    Associate Dean of Library Academic Services

  • Leanne Mobley

    Leanne Mobley
    Scholarly Technologies Librarian at IU Libraries

  • Tom James

    Tom James
    Associate Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences

  • Lisa Kaufman

    Lisa Kaufman
    Assistant Professor, Nuclear Physics

  • Beth Cate

    Beth Cate
    Associate Professor, School of Public and Environmental Affairs

  • Kylie Peppler

    Kylie Peppler
    Assistant Professor, Learning Sciences

  • Kay Connelly

    Kay Connelly
    Associate Professor of Computer Science

  • Margaret Dolinsky

    Margaret Dolinsky
    Digital Art and Research Scientist, School of Fine Arts

  • Eileen Friel

    Eileen Friel
    Professor of Astronomy

  • JingJing Zhang

    JingJing Zhang
    Assistant Professor, Kelley School of Business

  • Sandra Kuebler

    Sandra Kuebler
    Associate Professor, Computational Linguistics

  • Selma Sabanovic

    Selma Sabanovic
    Assistant Professor, School of Informatics and Computing

  • Lucy Yan

    Lucy Yan
    Assistant Professor, Kelley School of Business