Diane Dallis

Associate Dean of Library Academic Services

Diane Dallis has been involved with CEWiT since it began. She is currently the vice-chair and the incoming chair of the Faculty Leadership Alliance and a member of CEWiT’s Advisory Board. “I have learned so much through my involvement with CEWiT,” said Dallis. “It has given me the opportunity to see innovative and inspiring work from colleagues.”

As the associate dean of Library Academic Services, Dallis enjoys furthering the teaching and research mission of Indiana University. “I work with dedicated and impressive faculty, students, administrators and staff every day,” she said. Dallis has overseen several major renovation projects in the Wells Library such as the Learning Commons, the Scholars’ Commons and most recently, the Moving Image Collections and Archive to open in the fall of 2016. “This renovation includes gaming and technology rooms as well as a 40-person state-of-the-art screening room,” she said.

After being an instructional design librarian for a few years, Dallis said she faced the challenge of somewhat limited interest of colleagues and faculty in embracing technology, as well as a lack of understanding of the Libraries’ role in the creation of new technology or teaching and research. Today, Dallis’ biggest challenge is developing teaching and research support services that meet the rapidly evolving needs of students and faculty.

She hopes those entering a STEM field today take the opportunity to work with diverse colleagues or peers. “The information environment in which we live is complex,” Dallis said.
“There is nothing more enriching than making connections with someone whose work you know nothing about.”