Kalani Craig

Clinical Assistant Professor

Outside of work she loves gymnastics and knitting, but Kalani Craig has an interesting profession with a tech background. As a Medieval and Digital History professor, she works with big data that Google and Facebook use to study and teach medieval history. Her involvement with CEWiT includes mentoring a CEWiT undergrad student and being on the Faculty Leadership Team.

Craig obtained her bachelor’s in English and her masters and PhD in history. She also works in Web site management, which involves coding and design. With her work in multiple fields, Craig has a love for everything she works on “I care about both, and digital history lets me simultaneously do a different kind of history, and get people to think more critically about how digital tools affect their lives.”

Craig she said she is most proud of her outreach for the American Historical Association. “I advocate for other scholars and teachers who use digital tools in the classroom and help make tech in history less scary and more inviting,” she said. “That’s an important goal, to negotiate differences like that between high tech and the academy in such a way that I can benefit both colleagues and students.”

Craig wants other people to know that tech isn’t about just science, technology engineering and math (STEM). “It’s about humanity and the problem solving that goes with being human,” she said. “The technology that can change our life for the worse or the better, and as we think about tech we need to find thoughtful ways to use technology that help us connect with the other people on the planet.”