CEWiT is committed to supporting the careers and professional development of women faculty in technology, computing, and computational STEM fields at Indiana University.

We are also dedicated to promoting teaching strategies that encourage the retention of female students in technology. We are providing this listing of resources to support and encourage excellence in technology innovation, scholarship, and education among CEWiT faculty.

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ADVANCE Tools Developed to Benefit Faculty

For several years, the NSF ADVANCE program has funded research universities to develop effective practices to recruit, retain, and advance women faculty in STEM related disciplines.

  • ADVANCE Portal: provides resources and information at all levels that have been developed over time and by various ADVANCE programs and the goal is to create a stronger, happier workforce. Resources are available for adaption or adoption, for individuals, departments, and institutions.  Sample resources categories include: Leadership development, Mentoring, Negotiation, Networking, Professional Development, Promotion, Tenure, Department Resources, Recruitment, Climate and Culture, Glass Ceiling, Pipeline, Policies, Retention, Initiatives, and more. 
  • “Toolkit for Deans, Chairs, and Other Administrative Leaders”: from the University of Michigan, addresses best practices in hiring of faculty, institutional climate and departmental change strategies, retention issues, and diversity issues.
  • Resource library: From the University of Washington ADVANCE Center for Institutional Change, provides an online that focuses on faculty recruitment, hiring, retention, worklife, mentoring, faculty professional development and more.
National Center for Women in Information Technology (NCWiT)

NCWIT has developed a variety of research based best practices to promote women in the STEM pipeline – and they are excellent for any discipline. Here are just a few examples: