CEWiT Advancement Circles

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CEWiT Advancement Circles provide dedicated time to actively focus on tenure and promotion by addressing the needs of faculty women within three primary focus areas: digital tools for research and scholarship, tech tools for writing, and tech tools for teaching.  Each focus area is rooted with advancement in mind and includes work/life balance and networking components. Circles offer the structure and resources necessary to learn and develop skills; provide a dedicated, focused, and supportive atmosphere; and offer opportunities for faculty community-building and collaboration.  Women faculty of any rank from any department at Indiana University are welcome to join a circle. We strive to empower faculty affiliates with the technological skills to strengthen and support academic excellence.

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Circle Structure

Circles are comprised of 5-8 affiliates who meet bi-weekly with the very first session facilitated by a CEWiT staff affiliates.  In subsequent sessions the role of facilitator rotates among affiliates.   Affiliates will set daily/weekly goals, share progress updates, discuss issues relevant to barriers to advancement, and learn new resources/skills.  The remaining time will be dedicated to applying a new tool to your own work.   Circle discussion is driven by group interest and may range broadly throughout the semester.

Example 1: Do you struggle with data visualization?  We can introduce you to software such as Tableau to assist you with data visualization needs.  You will then have the opportunity to use and explore the tool in your Circle, in a supportive environment.    

Example 2:  Have you shied away from learning new technology for statistical analysis survey design, or qualitative research? Are you interested in learning how basic coding knowledge can help you be more efficient and productive?   CEWiT Circles provide the structure and dedicated space necessary to learn, develop, and practice these skills.  

The first Circle of the semester provides an opportunity for Circle affiliates to assess the needs and interests of the group.  Circle discussion is driven by group interest and may range broadly throughout the semester, and selecting initial topics from the list below does not restrict scope of discussion in any Circle. CEWiT will assist in finding resources and knowledge experts to assist the Circles with their selected topics.

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Advancement Component (across circles)

  • Goal-setting strategies
  • Creating good tech habits
  • Eliminating imposter syndrome
  • Balancing teaching/writing/service
  • Portfolio development
  • Engaging in productive collaborations
  • Self-promotion
  • Project management tools
  • Establishing appropriate service loads

Possible Topics for Circles (non-exhaustive)

  • Digital Research Tools
    • Survey tools / Qualtrics
    • Data analytics / Excel Add-ons/ JMP / Tableau
    • Programming in Python
    • Qualitative and Quantitative Data Management
    • Digital text analysis
    • Data management plans for NSF and other grant proposals
    • Using databases / SQL
    • Web scraping
    • Virtual collaboration
  • Tech Tools for Writing
    • Content management
    • Writing /content generation with Scrivener
    • Academic typesetting using LaTex or Overleaf
    • Reference management: Endnote / bibtex / Mendeley / Citavi / Zotero
    • Argument mapping: Rationale
  • Tech for Teaching
    • Using AirTable for classroom collaboration
    • Making slides with Prezi
    • Using mobile devices for teaching and learning
    • Wearable tech for grading
    • Flipped classrooms
    • Developing effective online classrooms
    • Digital teaching and learning tools

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If you have questions or would like to request additional information, please contact Jennifer Turrentine, Assistant Director of Cross-Alliance Initiatives.