Faculty Men Allies for Gender Equity Workshop

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DATE: November 14, 2017
TIME: 12:00pm - 2:00pm (lunch is provided!)
LOCATION: Wells House
SIGN UP NOW: We have limited seating for this session, so please RSVP HERE.

The CEWiT Male Faculty Advocates invite you to join them on November 14th for the Faculty Men Allies for Gender Equity Workshop. Our first workshop included 29 men across campus. 97.7% of attendees rated the workshop as “excellent”.

Created at the request of CEWiT Male Affiliates, this interactive men-only faculty workshop equips men to serve as effective allies for gender equity. The session allows participants to learn, ask questions, have candid discussions, and practice skills through scenario-based exercises.

Our goal is to inspire attendees to take action and make real progress in advancing cultural change and responsibility within their own departments.

Learning goals for participants include:

  1. Understand the context of gender inequity in academia, and with a focus on the IUB campus
  2. Be introduced to relevant concepts and literature, including unconscious bias and male privilege.
  3. Use scenarios to practice Ally skills
  4. Obtain resources to assist personal development and to share with others.

This workshop will be facilitated by:

Tom James
Tom James
Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences
Rob Potter
Rob Potter
Professor and Director of the Institute for Communication Research
Jeremy Siek
Jeremy Siek
Associate Professor of Computer Science