Technological skills give you an edge in any major.

Technology skills get you hired just about anywhere, NOT just “in tech.” It’s not just the software and mobile app startups that are searching for tech-savvy talent; almost EVERY company needs these kind of skilled peopleStart now by enrolling in an introductory technology course!

Below are technology courses that meets IU's general education requirements or graduation electives.  To see if these classes are offered during the Fall 2017 semester and on what days/times, click here

Classes that meet IU's Gen Ed Requirements:

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classes that meet the arts and humanities gen ed requirement

classes that meet the natural and mathematical sciences gen ed requirement

classes that meet the social and historical gen ed requirement

elective classes that have a focus on technology

To enroll in one of these classes, talk to your advisor or log into the IU Student Center and search for the course name and/or number. (Note: the IU Student Center is only accessible by current IU students.)