Vivian Jiang


As a young professional who has already noticed the importance of leveraging technology in the business world, Vivian Jiang is passionate about spreading the word that technology is more than just coding. “I am still at the stage of developing my career path,” said Jiang. “I thought CEWiT was a great way to connect with experienced techie women in leading industries.”

In 2015, Jiang received her B.S. in accounting, finance and technology management from the Kelley School of Business. Now, she is a co-founder of a new startup called AIYO Chinese Radio, a mobile app that gives Chinese international students an open source platform to share ideas and content.

“We discovered that while the Chinese population in the U.S. is growing extremely fast, Chinese international students are still struggling to fully involve themselves in the American environment,” said Jiang. The app will feature a database of content such as podcasts, text and pictures.

At AIYO Chinese Radio, Jiang is responsible for navigating the intersection of business and technology. “When you work for a startup company, you must be able to wear multiple hats,” she said. “Once again, technology is more than just coding. In my case, it requires a lot of critical thinking, researching and analyzing skills.”

Within the tech field, Jiang has found her passion in big data. “Many people think analyzing data is tedious, but I see stories emerge from it,” she said. “If I can interpret these stories and deliver business results driven by data, I have a true sense of accomplishment.” Working in the unknown excites Jiang, and she hopes others stay just as curious.

To those who may not already consider themselves ‘technical,’ Jiang suggests tapping into the field regardless. “You may discover an interest,” she said. “And after you can master one or two tools, you will add value to any organization.”