Robin Steis


Robin Steis, director of federal sales for Interactive Intelligence, serves as CEWiT’s Alumnae Advisory Board chair. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the IU Kelley School of Business, and, today, helps federal agencies solve communications and customer service problems through the use of technology.

Steis got involved with CEWiT after realizing that while the organization had a lot of campus opportunities for students, it lacked the support of a strong alumnae network. “I reached out to [CEWiT director] Maureen Biggers explaining who I am and what I had done in my local tech program. We connected and started talking about what I saw as an opportunity and desire for alumnae to get more involved,” said Steis. “We put together a list of women and started reaching out, and no one said no.”

The CEWiT Alumnae Advisory Board officially launched in December 2014. The group consists of six IU alumnae, Steis, Donna Shank, Jennifer Bohac, Christine Buckingham, Rebecca Webster and Emily Collins. They meet bi-weekly to create a network of support for students and alumnae and raise awareness about careers related to technology. The group aims to engage alumnae and give students exposure to knowledge they would not necessarily gain in a classroom setting. The importance of networking with other women in the field and being unafraid to ask questions is something the group stresses.

“I started my career in technology through networking. I wish that more young women knew that there is a lifecycle of career choices available in technology including software development, design, delivery, marketing, copy writing, documentation, sales and consulting. None of us on the Alumnae Advisory Board got informatics degrees yet we are all in technology,” said Robin.