Rebecca Webster

Business Manager

When Rebecca Webster was contacted to be a part of the inaugural alumni board of CEWiT, she was happy to do so. “I love IU and I think that the education I received on campus has paid dividends throughout my career,” Webster said. “Having a chance to give back to IU by networking with students looking for tech careers is a passion of mine.”

Webster received her B.S. degree in business with a concentration in finance at Indiana University in 1988, as well as an MBA just a year later. She currently works in downtown Chicago as a business manager for credit card technology at JPMorgan Chase, and is the firm-wide captain for technology recruiting at IU. “We are always looking for top talent to feed into our technology development program,” said Webster. “When CEWiT was forming, it was a perfect fit for my interests!”

It has been 12 years since Webster started at JPMorgan Chase, and she has filled various roles in her time there, including application development manager and program manager in both the card and treasury services lines of business. She credits IU with giving her the hands-on, technical coding experience and financial education to succeed.

The rapid development of technology and how ubiquitous it has become surprises Webster, and she is challenged daily to safeguard customers from fraud or cyber attack. She says teamwork, communication and interaction are keys to any sizeable technology project. “I learn something new every day,” said Webster. “Sometimes I hear ‘I don’t want to work in technology… I want to work with people.’ I have to laugh because I work with people all day long!”

Webster is a big believer in the value of diversity and that impact that women have in technology, innovation, and the overall economy. “My suggestion to young women is to not be afraid to take risks,” she said. “Look for an area or a technology where skills are valued (check the salaries being offered in the marketplace) and keep learning about it until you are the expert.”