Kaitlin Paugh

Interaction Designer

CEWiT alumna Kaitlin Paugh graduated in 2014 with a B.S. in informatics and a cognate in telecommunications applications. During her time at IU, she was part of the founding board for WESiT, serving as the undergraduate co-chair on its executive board and a CEWiT student intern. “It really all started at the Grace Hopper Celebration for Women in Computing,” said Paugh. “This gathering was incredibly inspirational, and really made me realize that there’s more to technology than I ever thought existed.”

Paugh currently works at General Motors as an interaction designer. “Basically, I work in the centerstack (middle section of the vehicle with the screens), and I make sure in-vehicle features work in a way that is easy for the customer, and also aligns with business and marketing strategies,” she said. “It’s a lot of constant iteration, feedback, testing and documentation.”

As one of the youngest on her team, Paugh said she loves the creative aspects and mentorship involved in her work. “People work together a lot, it is super collaborative,” she said. “There is always a new way of solving a problem.” Paugh found similar collaboration during her time as an undergrad, and enjoyed the community she credits CEWiT with building of smart women doing smart things.

Paugh believes that women, and more so women in the technology sector, should never be afraid to ask for help or to express excitement for what they do. “Stop worrying about whether you’re good enough to be there, because you are good enough,” she said. “Do the great work that you know you can do.”