Chelsie Kasun

Interaction Designer

Chelsie Kasun thinks about women every day. Although she graduated IU with a B.S. in Informatics in May 2016, Kasun continuously feels the impact of CEWiT’s mission in her life. Kasun acted as a CEWiT intern for two years and was attracted to its goal of fighting inequality.

“I was always empowered by learning that I was not alone and others in this Center were
there for mentoring, advice, encouragement and strength when I fell into ruts such as the Imposter Syndrome and feeling alone or out of place.”

Kasun currently works as an Interaction Designer at Software Engineering Professionals (SEP) in Indianapolis. SEP is a service company for many startups and Fortune 100 companies that creates product design and development needs. Kasun’s passion is promoting sustainable technologies that produce less device waste.

Kasun aims to inspire women who are looking to pursue a career in technology, despite the obstacles they may face along the way.

“Do it. Be heard. Push and give it your all because it is a hard field, for anyone, but especially for minorities,” said Kasun. “I believe including everyone and diligently working towards showcasing female technologists with grace and truth is something that should drive you to be in this field and get into it!”

CEWiT’s mission is engrained in Kasun and will influence her perspective on the tech industry.

“The impact CEWiT has on me now is about making the makers space even and just.”