Corinthe Bailey

Senior User Experience Researcher

Even before entering the computing workforce, Corinthe Bailey understood her position as a role model for female students. Her most memorable experience while attending Indiana University was working as an assistant instructor because she recognized the importance of showing females students that women can succeed in technical fields.

“Young ladies see and interact with female educators, female doctors, female lawmakers and so forth. We must show young ladies what it looks like to be a female in a technical role,” Bailey said.

Bailey gained a master’s degree in human computer interaction from IU School of Informatics and Computing, and currently works as a senior user experience researcher at Exact Target, a global marketing SaaS company. Her primary role is acquiring user feedback and turning it into useful data and information to make informed recommendations to clients. To make feasible design proposals, Bailey must have a basic understanding of Microsoft tools, social platforms and technical terminology.

 She advises students interested in technological fields to not limit themselves by their own visions for the products they create, but rather consider the user’s experience. 

 “It’s great to have an appreciation for the latest technological advancements, but try not to make a habit of developing just for the sake of being able to say you made something cool,” Bailey said. “Cool may not be what your users actually need.”

Once a freshman having zero knowledge of informatics, Bailey has now become a strong advocate of female participation in technology. She expresses the importance of women comprising the mentality of an expert, and proving themselves through their work.

 “Believe you’re competent to have a seat at the table, and intelligent enough to be a major contributor,” Bailey stated. “Try to see yourself as the person beyond your resume.”

 She believes it’s essential for female students to be confident and stand strong when challenged.  

“Just because no is the first answer you hear, it doesn’t mean that will be the final answer,” Bailey said.  

As more females enter technical occupations, Bailey stands as an example and models the walk of a successful woman in technology.